Tuesday, October 21, 2008

And Now For Something Completely Different

...Uhm, wow. Just look at these masterpieces. Just yipes.

So once upon a time I came up with this idea for a character. The name came to me before anything else did. I was sitting in this shitty art class I took in Regina in.....winter, 2005. Her name would be "Ms. Fire." Get it? I'm not sure I do. "She needs an eyepatch" I thought, for some arbitrary reason. Because chicks with eyepatches are hot, of course. Well, get a load if you must:

Winter 2005 (During what will be referred to as my "Robert Crumb" Phase)

Damn, where didn't I go wrong here? Her thighs are HUGE. Her beefy arms, her giant hands and feet, her goofy lopsided boobs... I may as well have made her a man. This drawing is a turd.

Fall 2006 (right before I moved to Calgary)

I started drawing her pretty often, and she stayed pretty beefy like the last pic until I wised up and made her slim and...well, less hideous. The proportions are still pretty freaking wacky... "herky" sums it up, I think. I dunno why I gave her a huge gunt, either. I was really concerned about not making her too short, so I instead made her tall and lanky. Uhh, believe it or not, the "style" is influenced by John Kricfalusi's stuff. I claimed it was, anyway. 

Summer 2007

By this point, I was getting pretty tired of drawing her. Every new drawing of her I did looked way different than the last. I kept drawing her anyway, I don't know why, I have trouble with subject matter at times. I changed her name to "Tracy Fire" shortly after I did the last picture, after one of my teachers from high school. Still lame. I think this one has a few good things about it, I guess the pencil crayon looks okay. Mostly, it's just stiff and awkward. Kinda unremarkable, I would say.

Early 2008

I drew this almost a year ago, but coloured it recently. It was good practice with the tablet. I walked away from drawing her for a while before I drew this one. This is the last drawing I've ever done of her that I still like... actually the ONLY one. I've done a few more since but they suck ass. So she won't go much further than this. I like how she looks when she's "cute" more than any other of the styles I did. Especially when you compare this last drawing to the first one. 'What an eye sore!"

I was just interested in how far she came since I started drawing her. I think I'm done for a while. 

...and that's all I have to say about that.

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Goldfinger said...

I have already seen all of these, you chintz!