Saturday, February 21, 2009

CD Swap Number 3

Finally, CD swap round 3! So me and the Kinko's crew periodically exchange CD's with each other.... it's gotten to be quite an event. Rounds 1 and 2 went pretty well.... and this time, my friend Kevin asked me to collaborate on his CD covers. So Kevin drew them, and I coloured them in Photoshop. It was actually a lot of fun, I think it went over pretty well too! I illustrated my own cover as well, although I gotta say I'm less than thrilled with what I turned out. Anyway... here's the Kevin/ Gallagher collaboration: 

This thing was featured on the back of everyone's CD. The track titles were written above, but I think Kev would be upset if I posted them so I left them out. 

The idea was that Kev would make a bunch of CDs with unique covers, and let each one of our friends pick out their favorite picture. This one was Dave R's fave. This was actually the last pic I coloured, and the one I tried the least on.

I like this drawing, but I was unhappy with the colouring job. I think the only thing that managed to pull it together was the background. David L picked this one out.

This one turned out pretty good I thought. This one was of Kev's favorites, but sadly, nobody picked this one. (There were a few extra CDs... "just in case", says Kev.)

Kevin said he hated this drawing. I thought it was kinda funny. Lance picked this one out right away. Good for him!

This one is pretty classic. We were both pretty happy with it... but again, nobody picked it.

This is the first one I coloured. Somehow, I knew Becky would pick this one. She pointed it out right away, in fact. Hooray!

This thing is my favorite by far! Thats funny, considering I hated it while I was colouring it. After I threw the background in, I was like "yeah". Sure enough, I chose this one. Lucky me!

So there you have it. The secret project is finally out. I had a lotta fun working on it. 

Here's my CD cover. I called the album "Sandwich" because I decided arbitrarily one day that sandwich is my favorite word. I have a hard time trying to sell that to people... I've brought it up a few times and generally people don't agree. Well I like it, anyway! Enough to name an album after it, anyway. After I finished this one, I sat back and looked at it and decided I hated it. But I was too lazy to draw something else for the cover. So here it is. I kinda like how the guitar turned out, but that's about it. And yes I'm aware that she doesn't have a nose. Have I mentioned that I hate drawing noses? I really really do... I can never make them look right, and I'm never satisfied with how they turn out. So forget it, no nose this time!

Fight, Megaman! For everlasting peace!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Prepare your bladders for imminent release!

So I discovered this sweet band called Fantastic Plastic Machine. They rock pretty hard... I was inspired by one of their songs, "Electric Ladyland" to draw this crazy thing. Uhm take a look:

I'm going through this "ugly colour phase". Like, oranges and olive greens... pinks and blues. Gotta love that whole 1950s-60s design style. I kinda wanted her to look campy, kinda Jetsons style. With the rings, and the plastic pink hair. She was fun to draw, I might upload some more pics of her at some point. 

Here's something kinda interesting... when I upload a jpeg with CMYK colour settings, they go all wacky and inverted for some reason. Because Picasa sucks. Here's what it did:

Bizarre. Even uglier than the original. Thought it was worth a look.

That's all for now. Secret projects coming soon...