Saturday, February 14, 2009

Prepare your bladders for imminent release!

So I discovered this sweet band called Fantastic Plastic Machine. They rock pretty hard... I was inspired by one of their songs, "Electric Ladyland" to draw this crazy thing. Uhm take a look:

I'm going through this "ugly colour phase". Like, oranges and olive greens... pinks and blues. Gotta love that whole 1950s-60s design style. I kinda wanted her to look campy, kinda Jetsons style. With the rings, and the plastic pink hair. She was fun to draw, I might upload some more pics of her at some point. 

Here's something kinda interesting... when I upload a jpeg with CMYK colour settings, they go all wacky and inverted for some reason. Because Picasa sucks. Here's what it did:

Bizarre. Even uglier than the original. Thought it was worth a look.

That's all for now. Secret projects coming soon...

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