Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Look what you did, you little jerk

I never know what to title my blog entries, so I always just put a quote from a movie or something. I suppose it would be helpful if the title had something to do with the entry, but that's not how I roll. I have just noticed how random this blog is. Sorry. Here's another thing:

Hooray more electric lady machine! Pretty much the same illustration.... just more different. I think I like this one better than the last. I decided that while she floats, she has only one leg. When she walks, two legs. She has to be able to float around, it's just obvious. I think about these things while drawing sometimes. I like the rings.... why? Guh! Because rings are stupid, of course. 

Here's the inverted version. I actually really like it, except for the bright blue eyes and text.

Don't forget: You're here forever!


Goldfinger said...

I like the blue eyes. Kind of looks like the modern blue LED look lol.

Mackenzie said...

"did that guy just say rings are cool?"

OBSCURE MEDIA REFERENCE, thanks a lot Dad and G for making me such a nerd.

I like the blue eyes too!

G B Laird said...

haha good call mack attack. ONE OF US ONE OF US

Mackenzie said...


Anonymous said...

Very nice. I'd have trouble choosing a preference between your first and second version of said Electric Lady. The only other thing I can think of to say is that there's still something about her hands, in my humble opinion. The fingers specifically. I don't know why, but they seem like the only part of her that could improve with change. Other than that she's awesome. She's so cool in fact that I think you should add her to your, "repeat drawing," list of characters. Draw her doing more stuff, I think, which might also, "flesh," out her character. Maybe you've already done this. Is this comment way too long? I apologize. End of comment.

G B Laird said...

hahah awesome, that has to be lance! you're right, someday i will draw her doing other type stuff. thanks for leaving the first critique ever, you rock