Monday, April 27, 2009

Put this in your pipe and smoke it

The Calgary Comic-Con was this weekend. Damn, was it ever a good show this year. Loads of laughs, lots of talented people, lots of C list celebs. What's not to like? So I met some cool people, I felt like sharing what I got. And by sharing I mean showing off. Here:
Sergio Aragones... wow. He was about the nicest guy in the world, too. One of the top artists of  Mad Magazine... I was super lucky to be able to meet a legend like him. Like, holy shit. What more can I say?

Remember that Shane Glines guy I mentioned? Well damn, he was there too. Again, a super nice guy. I bought this amazing book of artwork from him, and he was nice enough to do a little sketch of a cute girl in the front. If I could draw like this guy, I would lock myself indoors and draw day and night. His stuff melts my brain. Sorry, I'm done.

I actually got this one at the Comic-Con a few years ago already, from Angus Oblong. He's an.... interesting guy. He always wears facepaint when he's out in public, I'm not sure exactly why. I bought "Creepy Susie" from him, and he was nice enough to draw Milo in the front. Cool!

So that was Comic-Con in a nutshell. Pretty memorable, indeed!

I will mention that I set up a Deviant Art account... although I'm not sure why. Deviant art is kinda cheesy... and is, in fact, a vast sea of garbage. Not that my stuff is super great or anything. Maybe check out the page once in a while, I plan on loading it with odds and ends I would otherwise never mention.

The end.


Goldfinger said...

Hey, deadly stuff. I was gonna shoot down and visit you, but I got kinda sick, so I'm postponing until next Thursday, if all goes well.

Mackenzie said...

this was cool! I want to go to comic-con some day.