Monday, September 14, 2009

The Process

I've been meaning to do a process post for a while now. Sometimes I find it's kinda interesting to trace my steps. Here's how I built the most recent Dot Robot picture...

I did this sketch quickly just to get an idea of how the concept might look. This picture was taken with my webcam, straight out of my sketchbook. It's trash.

I drew these, scanned them in, and cobbled them together with photoshop, which you can see below.

I used my digital tablet thing to trace this picture in Adobe Illustrator. AI is great to "ink" with, it gives you nice clean lines, and a highly versatile image.

Here's the finished "inking". You can see the pencil drawing I traced in the background. Incidentally, I haven't seen Chasing Amy for a while.

After I figured out a colour scheme, I tinted the lines with corresponding colours. Usually, bold black lines look best for ink, but sometimes it's fun to screw around with different styles.

After I finished the lines, I imported the Illustrator file into Photoshop. This is where I paint the image and add airbrushing, or any other effect I might want it to have.

Here's my workspace in Photoshop. On the right side of the screen you can see all the layers that I used. Generally, I separate different colours and/or objects and designate them to their own layers. This makes it much easier to work on each individual piece of the image. Got it? Good.

Here I zoomed up on the image and removed the linework. Now you can see all the seams and mistakes I made. My life is apparently a sham.

The last thing I did was create the background in Illustrator. Uhm, for some reason I made it in the shape of an oven mitt. All I had left to do was place it into Photoshop with the finished illustration. Whoo!

And there you have it.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Pick a box

Its contents will help you on your way.

Welcome back. I've been busy enjoying summer, while it lasts. Soon, winter will be here to crush our spirits. Here's some new stuff:

Yup, another electric lady machine illustration! I'm sure you're all sick of her by now, but I am not. Not yet, anyway.

The concept came from my friend Kevin, who said "She needs to be doing something... like vacuuming." So, here it is! This one took a while to finish, for some reason. My favorite part is the chair she's lifting, it's based on furniture my grandparents used to own. If you look closely, it's orange with green stripes... barf! I had fun with it, anyway. Ugh, I'm a little concerned about the empty space on the wall of the left side. Should have added something... but I'd rather be dead than work anymore on this pic.

I started this one early this summer. It's not finished, and it never will be. Kinda lost interest... guess it happens. She's a character from Drill Dozer, a game by one of my favorite developers, Game Freak. I didn't do the character justice at all, so I'm sorry. Feh!

Crappy sketch time!

Slowking. I just noticed his crown makes him look like a member of the Loyal Order of Water Buffaloes.

This one almost doesn't suck!

And there you have it.

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