Sunday, October 25, 2009

First you draw a circle...

Then you dot the eyes
Add a great big smile
And presto, it's Kirby!

I tried some sorta-different caricatures last week.

Here's a really simplified version of Steve Wright:


I inked this one by hand, with the good ol' brushpen, although It's not as easy as the tablet. But, I like it. Still need more practice.

Just threw in some quick colour in Photoshop. Look, it's Steve... Ka-bong!

Here I am, it's me. I miss my long hair. Also with the brushpen.

I don't like this one as much, it got really generic on me. It's not really supposed to be anyone specific. Brushpen again.

Well, I hope you're happy!


Anonymous said...

I like the caricatures of you and Steve, but you're right that the girl is just too generic. Also, I think maybe your dot is on the wrong side. But yeah, they're great, they're both really great! Yay for Gallagher!

G B Laird said...

Uhh thanks lol

Guy Laird said...

Baw-hahaw, that's Steve, alright!

Goldfinger said...

I don't mind the girl picture all that much.

G B Laird said...

Thanks, team! Always appreciated.