Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A brief history of everything

Here I am in Saskatchewan for the holidays. Just for something to do, I decided to go through a bunch of old artwork I did from the past 100 years or so. Here are the most interesting picks:

I did this way back in highschool for my English class... about 2003 or so, I don't quite remember. We were supposed to draw an interpretation of a scene from the story "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight". Wow, this is old. Pencil crayon.

These were for an advertisement in The Leaderpost, the paper in Regina. These monkey-guys were characters I used to draw all the time. They're slightly insane looking. Ink, 2003.

"Captain Obvious and Obscure Reference Man". These were gross characters dreamed up by my cousin Jen and I. The one on the left is based on me, and the other is based on my other cousin Reid. The idea was for the logo on Reid's shirt to change to a different obscure logo/icon. Pencil crayon, 2004.

I put this one on a couple of t-shirts. I remember I couldn't find a good enough picture for the cereal, so I actually picked out a bunch of pink froot-loops and took a picture. Adobe Illustrator, 2004.

It's the monkeys again, I used to draw them a lot. This was also for a t-shirt. From 2004ish. Adobe Illustrator.

Weird math girl. I think this one was a "squiggle test". The idea is to have someone else draw a random line, and you have to think of something to make out of it. The line started as her strands of hair. ink, 2005?

A little coffee sketch guy. I like it, with the intense Viewtiful Joe-style inking. 2005

"Cactus Jack", a creepy drawing done from 2005. Pencil crayon.

Running frog, pencil crayon, 2005.

This is one of the earlier illustrations I did in Adobe Illustrator. This was around the start of what will be referred to as my "Robert Crumb" phase, with the big beefy legs and hips.
Anatomy is a bitch. 2005

Here's an older pic I did of my cheeseball character "Mrs. Fire." Probably the second pic I did of her, you can see the first in an earlier post. Dem some big legs. AI image, 2005.

Viewtiful Joe style caricature of me. This is where the "amazing superhero" thing started, it's a quote from Viewtiful Joe. I remember enjoying making the logo. AI image 2006.

Yet another Mrs. Fire deal from 2006. Pictured here is the mouthless version. Pencil crayon.

I had intended to put this on a shirt, but I never got around to it. Adobe Illustrator image from 2006.

A take on the piranha plants from the Mario games. I like this one, actually. Pencil crayon, 2006.

Coffee doodle. Ink, 2006.

Another oddball character, I had him on a shirt for a while. Steve accidentally came up with the name for this guy one time. AI 2006.

A herky Morrigan pic. The pose sucks, but I scanned it because I liked the pencil crayon. I remember when my dad saw the pencil sketch for this one, he suggested I slim down her huge thighs. They're still pretty damn big, though. 2006.

This is one of the first drawings I did while I was going to ACAD. It's based on a cute girl from one of my classes, although I never showed her it. That would have been extra creepy. I like the ink here, it goes nicely with the pencil crayon. Maybe I'll try that style again. Late 2006 I think.

One of the more plain drawings I did of this character, and one of the last as well. Pencil crayon, 2007?

Weird umbrella girl, I kinda like what's going on here. I don't often do cross hatching. Ink, 2007.

Actually, I didn't quite finish colouring the hair here, but I still like the drawing. Pencil crayon, 2007.

Here's a poster I did for a friend/client of my dads at the University of Regina. It ended up with a bunch more text and some other stuff at the bottom. My friends said there were tons of 'em hanging up at the U, which was pretty cool. Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, late 2007.

Simple jumpy girl, featuring lyrics by Weezer. I remember sitting and drawing this at the Ricky's cafe next to Kinko's in Calgary. Brush pen, 2008ish

A little stylish drawing from 2008. Brush pen.

I feel like I've been drawing forever. It's getting to the point where I'm forgetting about so much of the artwork I've done. Honestly though, a lot of it may as well be forgotten... ugh. Well, just thought I would share some of the better pieces. You're welcome.

This post took like, forever to compose.

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