Saturday, January 9, 2010

Crusty old animations

Okay, here's the last post of old stuff for a while.

Traditional, hand-drawn animation from 2006! To view the animations, click on the image, then click on the magnification button in the top right corner of the page (in Picasa).

I've tried animation a few times... here are the best ones I've done. You know what? Animation is REALLY hard and VERY time consuming. It's definitely a lotta work, and I respect the people that can do it well.

To create these, I first drew the frames in pencil on plain paper. I have an ancient light table which actually helps a lot. Then, I inked them and scanned them into Adobe Illustrator. I cleaned up the lines and thew in some quick colour & gradients. After that, I turned the "frames" into JPEGS and called them into Adobe ImageReady, where I could export them as a Quicktime Movie. Each animation is 20 looping frames. Oh man, like I said, a lotta work.

Honestly though, I'm sure I made the animation process a lot more involved than it needed to be. At least by doing that, I know now what NOT to do. I don't particularly enjoy animating... it's just too tedious.



Guy Laird said...

Always thought these were kinda cool!

G B Laird said...

Thanks guv'na

Anonymous said...

asscrack frog. haha. thats all for this post.