Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Crusty old sculptures

Hiya folks. Oh boy, more old stuff!

Yessir, I have been known to sculpt every once in a while. Get yourself an eyeful...

The creepy insane monkeys, these were the first few things I sculpted in 2004 or so. I made the mistake of sculpting them out of plasticine. Not good. They had wire frames inside them, but it didn't work very well. It was just a mess. The longer these guys existed, the more they resembled piles of garbage. Arms, legs, and their heads were constantly falling off. It was horrible. I actually did one short little stop-motion movie with the evil one, where he just kinda waves and then flips off the camera. Then he fell apart.

Here's my first successful attempt using Super Sculpey, which is great stuff. It's a bit like plasticine, but a bit more forgiving. After you put it in the oven, it hardens kinda like ceramic. This guy here is Gyroman from Megaman 5... I'm not exactly sure why I chose him as the subject matter, but hey I thought he came together pretty nicely. The hardest parts to sculpt were the skis and the propeller on the back. 2004-2005ish.

A little 1920's suit guy I named Solomon. This was a gift for my grandmother a few Christmases back in 2005. Kinda interesting, but mostly strange looking. I remember working on this early Christmas morning, trying to finish it. It was almost done, and I had it sitting on it's side drying, when it tumbled to the floor and broke into pieces. I could have cried. Luckily, I was able to cobble it back together with the glue gun. Phew. Made with super sculpey.

Sonic here is probably my favourite sculpture. The spikes on his back were difficult. From 2006, sculpey.

Viewtiful Joe's head. It was surprisingly hard to make his rounded helmet. I cheated on the blades though, it's just painted plastic. I had planned to make his body, but you know. 2006, sculpey.

If you recognize what this character is from, you're probably a giant nerd. This is my most recent sculpture, from 2007. This took forever to make, and at one point I completely lost interest in it. His wings look like crap, but I just wanted to get him done. It took at least 10 coats of model paint to get him such a deep metallic red, although it looked pretty cool when it was finished. I like his big angry claws. Sculpey, and his wings were made from plastic.

A cardboard Simpson's house I made for art class in grade 12, 2004. This one got pretty intricate here and there, although I made a few mistakes. The two top windows on the front are a bit too big, and the back portion of the house looked a little goofy. I remember watching a bunch of episodes, trying to figure out how the house looked. This one jerkstore girl from class saw it and said, "Wow, someone has too much free time on their hands!" I coulda punched her head clean off. Although, in retrospect, I did have too much free time. Hey man, it's a hobby for eff sakes, give me a break.

Someday, I will have to sculpt some more. It's been too long.


Guy Laird said...

Haha, I remember them all. I wonder if a guy could make money sculpting "actual" people, a la Joe Fafard?...

G B Laird said...

Hmm interesting... who would I sculpt? Michael Jackson? Jesus?

Anonymous said...

oh my god! the simpson house?! you never showed us that… :c
was it from 2007 already that you made uuhhhhhh wtf is its name scissor?? I remember just banging the table a few times and raichu came out and i was done with it. you fucking slaved on that. haha. I haven't touched clay since… 3 years….I'm getting to old to be a nerd. maybe

G B Laird said...

Hey I liked your Raichu. And no, you're never too old to be a nerd.