Thursday, February 11, 2010

Welcome to your doom!


This is part of a caricature I did for someone. I'll post the entire illustration later, after said person is shown said caricature. It would just be a bummer if that person found out about it beforehand, you know. In the meantime though... the fab four. The young versions. George looks a little scary, but I'm pretty happy with these drawings.

Sketchy sketch girl. I tried to make her really specific looking, so I gave her an overbite.

Another drawing of the same girl. I decided to throw in some quick colour. She looked cuter as a sketch, though. I like her weird, elongated head.

I've got a few projects lined up for the near future. Come back some other time!


mackenzielaird said...

that drawing reminds me of kaylee! ahhhhh!!!!

G B Laird said...

Eyeww... shudder...

mackenzielaird said...

not saying its a bad drawing, its just the black hair parted down the middle and overbite that did it.. hehehe