Wednesday, April 21, 2010

When you gotta shoot

...shoot, don't talk.

Ah, my terribly neglected blog. How have you been?

Here's my friend Sasha from work. Our jobs are about the worst ever.

I drew this while making phone calls. Look, if you don't have time to talk, just say so, okay?

Jeez, Gawd...

Sidenote: Common ballpoint pens are actually kind of interesting to draw with... it's ink, but you can get this sketchy cross-hatching effect that you can't get with most ink. My friend Lance was always pretty good at it, as I recall.

Know what's hard? Bitmap artwork. Pixel pushing takes a lot of time and patience. Here's some 2-D pilot girls I made up for fun. Because 2-D is ALWAYS better.

See you next time!