Saturday, November 27, 2010

My shoe is off, my foot is cold

This was drawn for one of my classes in college...

...but then we set it on fire. Our instructor encouraged us to spend as much time and effort on our illustrations as we could, but in class the following week... we would be lighting them up. Well, we didn't absolutely have to, but most of us did anyway. Get it?

It was kind of a statement, I suppose. A few things they tried to teach us back in art school are starting to make some sense now. One thing I try to keep focus on, is not getting "too precious" with my artwork. I'm finding it more rewarding to keep a brisk pace when illustrating.

eg: Don't spend too much time on one idea. Don't get too caught up in tedious details or craft. Walk away from the work time to time, come back later. Never be afraid to scrap what you've done and start all over again.

You know, all that stuff. Anyway, it's something I try to consider.


I did this for Mel:

It was her idea.

Here's a logo I did up for a business in Saskatoon:

Had fun working on it, too. Thanks, Leanne!

and now my story is all told.


Kevin M. said...

Please don't get mad, but looking at that drawing from college again helps illustrate how far you've come. I guess what I'm saying is: I'd burn it. And nice work on the logo. I like that you used lined foolscap paper as the backdrop. Just looking at that stuff makes me think of school.

G B Laird said...

Haha, fair enough! But I didn't think it was THAT bad...

Guy Laird said...

I never have a problem with destroying my old work, but then you probably know that already...You'll have to bug Leanne to send you a pic of the actual signage once it's up!

reflex√£o said...

Desenhos muito legais. Desenha muito bem.