Monday, February 28, 2011


...and, we're back.

Here's an old unfinished illustration I went back and re-visited. I did some sweet Photoshop magic in an attempt to hide my hideous linework here. Look at that shiny, shiny hair.

I sculpted this a few weeks back. It was inspired by the fabulous Erika F.

Retro Robot, Wacky Wallpaper. Pencil crayon/ PS magic.

Here's a shirt I made for Steve. I just used permanent marker right onto the fabric. Kinda difficult, I really had to scrub the ink into the material. But, a nice aesthetic in the end.
The image came from a Sinister Spider-Man comic book which Steve chose. I used my light table to trace the image, and then inked it in fully. Quite the process.

If you're reading this, and have an idea for a sweet T-Shirt, maybe we can work out a deal.



- Marvel VS Capcom 3 is totally sweet. I bought it for PS3, even though I don't have one yet. -

- Still looking for work. Sigh. -

- Currently trying to polish up a few ideas. New stuff soonish, probably! -

- You gotta do what? I GOTTA BAH-LIEVE! -


Guy Laird said...

Hey, 'bout time you posted something new! Some nice stuff - I especially like the T-shirt!

Goldfinger said...

I also like the T-shirt haha.

I think that Illustrator business at the top has some pretty distinct charm, man!

Kevin M. said...

I also like the T-shirt. Ha ha! Am I still allowed to comment on these? I think I remember that top drawing before the photoshoppery. Isn't there kind of more to it? Like, you can see her legs and stuff originally, right? I don't know who Erika F. is, but that definitely looks like her. And lastly, Electric Lady Machine seems to have gained some weight. What's up?
Are we going to get to see some stuff from, "the game?" Concept art and stuff? That's what I'm looking forward to.

takeyournextleft said...

Holy crap a Post! (and I'm late noticing as always)
Totally dig the ladies G. and the t-shirt, I think you showed me already? Anyway keep it coming!